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Almondee Beauty was created by Damali Cree. Inspired by her excitement and appreciation of all things beauty, the seed began to grow. The line was developed as a result of her self-love journey. This led her to create a beauty line embodying her values. Damali’s goal to increase the longevity of an individual’s inner confidence while supporting the internal spirit “I’m the baddest” attitude of others were an inspiration.


“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself” -  Chanel. The creation of Almondee Beauty was her desire to capture and maintain the mindset of knowing You’re  The Sh*t, unapologetically.


“No one is going to amp you, like you or love you, like YOU!”, she stated. Driven by wanting to spread beauty, self-love, and confidence the foundation of her line, “Accentuating Features While Showcasing Natural Beauty©” was born.